Missioni Habbo Club

Ormai.. ci siamo tutti estasiati per il ritorno dell’Habbo Club, una delle cose che rendono Habbo appunto.. Habbo! Ma le novità non sono tutte qui.. infatti oggi ho scovato dei nuovi codici.. riguardanti delle Missioni dedicate tutte all’Habbo Club!


HC Quests!
quests.VIPTutorials.blow_kisses.completed=Smooth and classy! If you want to continue to be a Habbo HC you can purchase a subscription in the Shop!
quests.VIPTutorials.blow_kisses.desc=Spread the love. That’s what being a HC is all about,
quests.VIPTutorials.blow_kisses.hint=Blow kisses to10 Habbos in the same room to achieve this quest.
quests.VIPTutorials.blow_kisses.name=SPREAD THE LOVE!
quests.VIPTutorials.chaincaption=HC Quests
quests.VIPTutorials.chaininfo=Are you classy enough to take on the HC quests?
quests.VIPTutorials.create_vip_room.completed=Great. Now you have enough space for your future HC parties! HCs have access to several new layouts that can be used to make your room special.
quests.VIPTutorials.create_vip_room.desc=First, you need a proper HC room.
quests.VIPTutorials.create_vip_room.hint=Click Rooms and open the Me tab to create a new room and choose a HC layout to achieve this quest.
quests.VIPTutorials.create_vip_room.name=MAKE IT BIG
quests.VIPTutorials.dance_pogo_mogo.completed=Shake your pixels! Shake! You dance like a young Vaslav Nijinsky or Anna Pavlova! They were ballet dancers.
quests.VIPTutorials.dance_pogo_mogo.desc=Maybe you should practice your dance moves?
quests.VIPTutorials.dance_pogo_mogo.hint=Click on your avatar to then dance to dance the Pogo Mogo to achieve this quest.quests.VIPTutorials.laugh.completed=Yeah that dancing was pretty funny! As a HC you get additional actions, you can also blow your fellow Habbos a kiss!
quests.VIPTutorials.dance_pogo_mogo.name=SHAKE YOUR PIXELS
quests.VIPTutorials.drop_vip_furni.completed=Priceless! It really ties the room together, doesn’t it? HCs get exclusive Furni every month they’re a member, it’s quite an elegant collection!
quests.VIPTutorials.drop_vip_furni.desc=How about adding a touch of luxury to it?
quests.VIPTutorials.drop_vip_furni.hint=Open the Shop and go to the HC Gifts page to get your HC gift. You can then find it in your My Stuff inventory. Place the item in your room to complete this quest.
quests.VIPTutorials.laugh.completed=Yeah that dancing was pretty funny! As a HC you get additional actions, you can also blow your fellow Habbos a kiss!
quests.VIPTutorials.laugh.desc=That dancing is funny, let out a laugh.
quests.VIPTutorials.laugh.hint=Laugh to achieve this quest, click on your Habbo and then on Actions to laugh.
quests.VIPTutorials.name=HC Quests
quests.VIPTutorials.wear_a_crown.completed=Should we all call you “Your Highness” now?
quests.VIPTutorials.wear_a_crown.desc=Look rich… Wear something “Royal”.
quests.VIPTutorials.wear_a_crown.hint=You have access to lots of accessories as a HC. Wear a crown to achieve this quest.
quests.VIPTutorials.wear_a_crown.name=YOU ARE ROYALTY!
quests.VIPTutorials.wear_white_shirt.completed=Wow – bright, shiny and white! I’ve never seen a smarter looking Habbo!
quests.VIPTutorials.wear_white_shirt.desc=It’s a white party theme tonight in the welcome lounge!
quests.VIPTutorials.wear_white_shirt.hint=VIPs have access to loads of extra clothes and colors! Click on your Habbo to change your clothes- wear a HC shirt in HC white to achieve this quest.
quests.VIPTutorials.wear_white_shirt.name=HEY GOOD LOOKING
welcome.screen.message.questing=Complete quests and meet new friends. See what you can do in Habbo and earn Pixels that you can use to buy furniture for your room.


Io solo effetti e nabbate 🙁


Io ho trovato 7 giorni nel Guarda e Vinci 😮


asd ma io comunque nn riusciro mai a essere hc >.<

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