[HT] Lottery Cute Toast Backpack

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Habbo gave us some codes to distribuite, during the month of September, a fantastic Cute Toast Backpack! HabboTravel.com wanna give to you the last 3 codes in this lottery! Find out how to participate!


@Habbo is doing a giveaway too, check this tweet for more info: https://twitter.com/Habbo/status/1697697213391004141

How can I partecipate?

36 There is a lottery with 500 tickets. You can get a ticket by registering or logging into the Fansite. The tickets are available here: https://habbotravel.com/lotteria.

NB: the number of tickets may increase, depending on the participation there will be.


5 There will be 3 draws and will be take on Twitch.tv/HabboTravel Blocks, on 24 September 2023 at 21:00 UTC (Results will be published on our Twitter page too!).


20 You can get only THREE ticket, we reserve the right to disqualify any alt account. The tickets are valid if taken by 21:00 UTC on 24 September 2023.


18 Each user can win only one prize, you can’t win more than one code. If will be extracted the same number, will be valid ONLY the first extraction. In this case, we will extract another number.


5 If you will result as winner, you will see the voucher code here: https://habbotravel.com/lotteria.

5 The code must be used in the Shop on Habbo, as showed here:


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