[ALL] Nuovi Furni in Arrivo…

Per la Campagna Natale 2013 saranno caricati ulteriori Nuovi Furni… lo attestano i Nuovi Codici:

[“xmas13_machine1″,”Magical Machine”,”Beep. Beep. Boo. Bop. Beep.”]

[“xmas13_paintsplat3″,”Purple Paint Splat”,”Creative mess”]

[“xmas13_eggnogglass”,”Eggnog Set”,”Nutmeg, delicious”]

[“xmas13_toyblock3″,”Green Toy Block”,”Stack and play!”]

[“xmas13_eggnogbowl”,”Eggnog Bowl”,”Drink me”]

[“xmas13_toyblock1″,”Red Toy Block”,”Stack and play!”]

[“xmas13_toyblock2″,”Purple Toy Block”,”Stack and play!”]

[“xmas13_bucket1″,”Paint Bucket”,”Let your creativity flow…”]

[“xmas13_candycane2″,”Candy Pipe”,”Mmm tastes like peppermint”]

[“xmas13_toolbox”,”Toolset”,”For toy-making use only”]

[“xmas13_paintsplat1″,”Green Paint Splat”,”Creative mess”]

[“xmas13_gingerbread”,”Gingerbread House”,”No gingerbread men were harmed in the making”]

[“xmas13_paintsplat2″,”Blue Paint Splat”,”Creative mess”]

[“xmas13_light”,”Christmas Tree Light”,”For that fresh pine smell…”]

[“xmas13_toyblock4″,”Blue Toy Block”,”Stack and play!”]

[“xmas13_mincepies”,”Mince Pies”,”Not made from actual mince meat…”]

[“xmas13_paintsplat4″,”Yellow Paint Splat”,”Creative mess”]

[“xmas13_candycane1″,”Candy Machine”,”Lollipops, gumdrops and gingerbread men!”]


E menomale! Quelli di ora fanno schifo 🙁

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