[ALL] Nuovi Codici Habboween 2014! – Furni esclusivi BC

Sul server Sulake sono stati caricati dei Nuovi codici inerenti all’inserimento di tutti i Furni Habboween caricati in questi 10 anni di Habbo esclusivamente nel Builders Club.
landing.view.hb14furni10year.body=EXCLUSIVE TO BUILDERS CLUB! Blast from the spooktacular past…More than 10 years of furni has made its way back to the Hotel. From Virus to Voodoo…to Haunted Carnival and all the Habboween Classic’s in between; All your frightful favourites are back, but only for a limited time! Get your ghoulish goodies before they disappear…
landing.view.hb14furni10year.button=Go to the warehouse
landing.view.hb14furni10year.header=10 years of Habboween furni
landing.view.hb14hauntedbun.body=The creepy house on the top of the hill has swung open it’s haunted doors to let you inside. With creaky floors and even creakier doors, you better watch your step in this eerie haunted mansion. Includes exclusive badge! Available via direct purchase + credits until 12-Oct.
landing.view.hb14hauntedbun.button=Check it out
landing.view.hb14hauntedbun.header=Haunted Mansion Bundle
landing.view.hb14voodoobun.body=Wade through the foggy swamps, but don’t let the Witch Doctor catch you… From skulls on a stick to bats in cages – This spooky bundle is certain to give you goosebumps! Includes exclusive badge. Available via direct purchase + credits until 16-Oct.
landing.view.hb14voodoobun.button=Check it out
landing.view.hb14voodoobun.header=Voodoo Swamp Bundle



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