[ALL] Nuovi Codici!

Parlano di Nuove Offerte per i Crediti e dell’arrivo dei Furni Scuola con anche dei Rari! Eccoli:

landing.view.roombundles2nd.body=With these fantastic bundles you’ll get a pre-decorated game room with everything you need to become a Battle Banzai Master, a Freeze! Hot Shot or a Wired Wizard. You’ll even get a exclusive Badge! Available until September.

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landing.view.roombundles2nd.header=LAST CHANCE: All NEW Game Room Bundles!

landing.view.comicchllengcom.header=Habbo Stories: Back to School Challenge

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landing.view.school2x12nd.button=Go to Credits Page

landing.view.gymquest.header=Workin’ up a sweat!

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landing.view.school2x12nd.body=Wishing you could get more credits for your money? Well, the time has finally come! Don’t miss this rare opportunity to double your credits. Check the credits page for more information. Available for a limited time only.

landing.view.schoolrares.button=Empty value

landing.view.schoolprom.body=Get your dancing shoes ready because you are cordially invited to the Habbo High School Prom. Finish all your classes before 2nd of October for a chance to win badges and prizes!

landing.view.schoolrares.header=Back to School RARES Sale!

landing.view.comicchllengcom.body=This week we’re challenging you to dive into the Comic Challenge of the week with a Back to School theme! Fill in the speech bubbles, share your ideas and compete for first place in this creative challenge

landing.view.schoolprom.header=Dancing Queen: Habbo Prom 2013

landing.view.schoolrares.body=Appearing for a limited time only: Fill your locker to the brim with Rare items! You’ll even get a RARE badge to match. So keep your eyes on the clock and don’t miss out!

landing.view.gymquest.body=Grab your gym clothes and don’t forget your socks. Todays challenge requires you to use both brains and braun to get ahead and earn your badges! Now, hurry to class…

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