[ALL] New Quests Habboween 2013

Su Habbo,sono state caricate nuove Quests legate all’evento HabboWeen 2013:

quests.hbween13_quest4.1382514472905.chaincaption=To enter or to stay

quests.hbween13_quest4.1382514472905.chaininfo=Out of the frying pan and into the firequests.hbween13_quest4.1382515251726.completed=Brave! You better know what you are doing. Take note of this key: 10. It is very important to open the gates.quests.hbween13_quest4.1382515251726.desc=You emerge from the forest at a large pair of iron gates...quests.hbween13_quest4.1382515251726.hint=Follow the story of Habboween 2013 in the articles of the web. To open the gates you have to challenge the spirits first. Prove to them that you're not afraid, not even of being poisonedquests.hbween13_quest4.1382515251726.name=Sweet Poisonquests.hbween13_quest4.1382517508585.completed=Uff, that wasn't nice, but it was what the spirits wanted. Take note of this, it is very important to open the gates later: +2.quests.hbween13_quest4.1382517508585.desc=The spirits want to know if they can count on youquests.hbween13_quest4.1382517508585.hint=To open the gates, the spirits say: "Would you dare to Habbo poison a friend in this room?". Oh, oh...quests.hbween13_quest4.1382517508585.name=Betray a friendquests.hbween13_quest4.1382518533280.completed=You rather stink than die. The spirits are still searching for you. Take not of this key to open the gates: +2.quests.hbween13_quest4.1382518533280.desc=Bad movement. The spirits are angry with youquests.hbween13_quest4.1382518533280.hint=You betrayed a friend and that's something that spirits can't tolerate. Find a place int he room to hide from their rage. They won't find you if you smell like a death...quests.hbween13_quest4.1382518533280.name=Pretend you are deadquests.hbween13_quest4.1382519227273.completed=Hey, leave those lambs alone, Hannibal! To open the gates, take note of the last key: -1quests.hbween13_quest4.1382519227273.desc=Spirits are confused and challenge you againquests.hbween13_quest4.1382519227273.hint=Spirits start to be afraid of you, tough guy. Will you dare to scare even a cute fluffy lamb? To do so you have to find the item that terrifies lambs. Do it and you'll get the last key to open the Gates.quests.hbween13_quest4.1382519227273.name=You have no heartquests.hbween13_quest4.1382520340013.completed=Now you are ready to enter into the Castle Garden and advance along the Habboween 2013 story. keep on reading this tale in the web articles. You can find good information to solve the habboween Quests and games in the Hotel! quests.hbween13_quest4.1382520340013.desc=The spirits are now afraid of you. Open the Gates!quests.hbween13_quest4.1382520340013.hint=Check the notes that the spirits gave you during this fight that you had. Just do the addition and say it...quests.hbween13_quest4.1382520340013.name=Spirits surrenderquests.hbween13_quest4.name=Gates of Unknown


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